Architectural Design Excellence Granite Design Group is a design firm in the Wausau, WI with over fifteen years of experience practicing the highest levels of craft and quality throughout the design and construction process. In our design process, there are no unreasonable questions or answers. We communicate extensively with the client to analyze their goals and requirements and provide innovative solutions to complex and sometimes simple design problems. There are no standard designs, no pre-drawn plans, and no preconceived solutions. With every design problem, careful thought will create a solution.  We tend to think “outside the box”, in all directions and all dimensions so the end result is a unique, cost effective design solution, a fitting example and inspiration within the community, exceeding client expectations. ©2010 Granite Design Group, LLC  All Rights Reserved For more information, please Contact Us Granite Design Group, LLC 2702 Raven Ave. Wausau, WI  54401 1.715.551.1778 PH 1.715.298.1778 FX “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”                                      Leonardo da Vinci